Parfait Day Cream

Rejuvenating Day Cream

The Parfait Day Cream is a powerful, protective, detoxifying and repairing cream. It procures a genuine biological lifting effect, a source of moisture and cellular repair factors. It attenuates lines by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum and by retaining moisture. It enhances skin defence mechanisms with its anti free radicals, calming and regenerating action.

The Parfait Day cream will slow down and reverses the ageing process caused by UVA and UVB damage, boost cellular renewal of epidermis cells and reinforces cutaneous vitality. It has an enzymatic elimination action of intra-cellular oxygen peroxide.

Parfait Serum will suit all skins with any signs of ageing.



Anti Ageing Concentrate

Mature Skins

Nutritive & Repairing

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