25% Off Hydration & Protection Elixir

Cellular Activation

This is what your skin needs during the summer season; a hydrating elixir that will sustain the water you drink for a longer period in your skin and stimulate elasticity of your skin.

Super Hydrating Serum

Cells Life increases collagen and elastin production speeding skin’s healing. Cells Life contains Proteoglycans and Hyaluronic Acid, these key ingredients make up a major part of the extra-cellular matrix, the material between the cells that provides structural support.

Protective and Nourishing Day Cream

Symbiose is an excellent all-in-one nutritive and protective day cream. Its formulation promotes collagen renewal to combat wrinkles and enhance skin functions.

Look after your skin this summer and enjoy a hydrated, protected and youthful you. Huge discount available until the end of February locate a salon near you and have a wonderful 2021



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Hydration Firming & Protection

Hydrating & Even Toned

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